Recyclean Systems AB - Industrial processes in closed loops
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quoteWe have received much praise for our fine/shiny quality from customers all over the world!quote

Mikael Lindh, Wibe

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Recyclean - Industrial processes

The Best Available Technology under the IPPC-standard. Complete Pre-treatment Hot Dip Galvanizing System in a closed cycle.

Recycleans aims for a clean environment

Zero outlet to water and air

  • Higher product quality
  • Lower production cost
  • Kinder to nature
  • Better working environment

The company´s business consists of developing, manufacturing and selling closed cycle installations for biological degreasing, hot-dip galvanizing, air treatment and the handling of industrial waste water, together with the associated chemistry.

Systems in production

Recyclean has so far delivered:

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Hot dip galvanizing-constructions

Biological degreasing-constructions

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Gas/Particle Separator

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We consider the world to be our market.
Recyclean Systems AB

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